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My Name Is lyrics


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     My Name Is
    >> Eminem
        Chorus x2

    my name is (what)
    my name is (who)
    my name is [*scracth*] Slim Shady
    my name is (what)
    my name is (who)
    my name is [*scracth*] Slim Shady

    [Says] Excuse me?
    Can I have the attention of the class, for one second?

    Hi kids, do you like primus (yeah, yeah!)
    wanna see me stick nine-inch nails
    through each one of my eyelids.(uh-huh!)
    Wanna copy me and do exactly like
    i did try 'cid and get messed up
    worse than my life is (huh?)
    My brain's dead weight I'm tryin
    to get my head straight but I
    can't figure out which Spice Girl
    i wanna impregnate.
    And Dr. Dre said (Slim Shady you
    a bass head) uh-huh! (then why's
    your face red, man you´re wasted)
    Well since age twelve I felt like
    a caged elf who stayed to himself in one space
    chasing his tail
    Got ticked off and ripped Pamela
    Lee's lips off kissed em and said
    i didn't know silcone was sposed to be this soft
    Im about to pass out and crash
    and fall on the grass faster than a
    fat man who sat down too fast.
    Come here lady (Shady wait a minute
    that's my girl dog) I don't give a
    damn, Dre sent me to tick the world

    Chorus x2

    My English teacher wanted to flunk me in jr. high
    Thanks a lot; next semester I´ll be 35
    I smacked him in his face with an
    eraser chased him wit a stapler and
    told him to change the grade on the paper
    Walked in a strip club, had my
    jacket zipped up served the
    bartender and and walked out with the
    tip cup.
    Extra-terrestrial runnin' over pedestrians,
    in a space ship while they're screaming at me
    (let's just be friends).
    Ninety-nine percent of my life I was
    lied to. I just found out my mom does
    more dope than I do.
    I told her I'd grow up to be a famous
    rapper make a record about doin drugs
    and name it after her.
    You know you blew up wit the women
    rush your stands and try to touch
    your hands like some screamin Usher
    This guy White Castle asked me for
    my autograph so I signed it 'Dear
    Dave, Thanks for the support *******

    Chorus x2

    my name is (what)
    my name is (who)
    my name is [*scracth*] Slim Shady
    my name is (what)
    my name is (who)
    my name is [*scracth*] Slim Shady

    Stop the tape, this kid needs to be
    locked away! (Get Him!!)
    Dr. Dre don't just stand there,
    I'm not ready to leave, it's too
    scary to die. I'll rather be carried
    inside a cemetery and buried alive.
    Am I comin or goin, I can barely
    decide I just drank a fifth of Kool-aid,
    dare me to drive. (Go ahead)
    All my life I was very deprived I
    ain't had a woman in years, my palms
    are too hairy to hide.
    Clothes rip like the Incredible Hulk (riiiip!)
    I spit when I talk (ach-poo!), I **** anything
    that walks. (come here!)
    When I was little I used to get so
    hungry I would throw fits (how you
    gonna breast feed me mom you ain't
    got no tits). WAAAAA!!
    I lay awake and strap myself in bed,
    with a bulletproof vest on and tap
    myself in the head.
    And I'm steamin mad (GRRR!), and by the way
    when you see my dad, ask him if he bought a porno mag
    to see my ass


    my name is (what)
    my name is (who)
    my name is [*scracth*] Slim Shady
    my name is (what)
    my name is (who)
    my name is [*scracth*] Slim Shady
    my name is (what)
    my name is (who)
    my name is [*scracth*] Slim Shady
    my name is (what)
    my name is (who)
    my name is [*scracth*] Slim Shady
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